Thursday, September 25, 2008

Underground Kraken Insect and Haunting Shark Fisherman

A double-late, double-post. The first is my try at the Underground Kraken Insect. I figured although krakens are originally based on giant squid, I figured that this creature is more of an insect that lives underground, but explodes out of the sand to capture prey. I referenced it as a kraken as the sand pirates that sail the sands find that if they come across this giant beast, they are about as good as dead as if they were on the ocean and came across a real kraken. The alternative title for this is "Boy, that ship is f***ed."

I was torn between illustrating a ghost fisherman with a giant shark on his fishingline, but decided to go the lamer way of doing a ghost fisherman who IS a shark. Eh. Enough said on this one.

Could definitely a)spend more time on these, and b)work on mood lighting. Sigh. But at least I'm getting faster. Now I just need to either spend more time, or suddenly become drastically better. Guess more time it is.

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