Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reinvented Mute Heroes - Ri.S.K.

I admit, this is far from polished, but given the rehearsal schedule this week (Tues-Sat, 5pm-11:30pm if you include travel time), this is all I could get out.

I know it's only one hero as opposed to "heroes," but alas, tough. I reinvented the Bat as a living ragdoll of sorts that unfortunately has his mouth sewed shut. Fun times.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peeling Pirate Supervillian

This was a collaborative effort between R + E.
The original sketch and pencil work was done by Eve, with digital inking and coloring done by Ri.S.K.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Peeling Pirate Supervillian

So this, like all my work up here, is a WIP, but here is my peeling pirate supervillian. He's a gross pirate lord whose face is decomposing. It's pretty clear I drew my inspiration from Two Face and Pirates of the Caribbean, but yeah. It's also my first illustration done completely in Photoshop. Usually I scan something in that I've done in pencil or ink as a starting point, but yeah, this one was pure digital energy, baby. ~4.5-6 hours...I forgot when I started it.

I just realized that one of the major issues is that the dark side of his face needs to be a whole lot darker. Erg. Guess I'll have to spend more time on him.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flying Toxic Insect- Eve

So I didn't get to finish coloring this one, but I wanted to stick to the deadline and post what I have. I had in mind "toxic, destruction, oil, wasteland." I wanted to do two insects, a goop monster (first thumbnail) and a mechanical "insect" born of "toxicity." I was also inspired by Reagan Lodge's "The Dragon," thus the color scheme. I'd like to come back to these two ideas at some point.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"Week" 4 & 5 - Peeling Pirate Supervillian and Reinvented Mute Heroes

The Peeling Pirate Supervillian is due Friday, August 15th.

The Reinvented Mute Heroes piece is due Friday, August 22nd.

We pulled two great topics, so we figured: why not do both?

Spikey Hybrid Dreams/Flying Toxic Insect

Ug, after like a bajillion months, here they are.

The flying toxic insect I imagine to be mutated by living in some sort of radioactive sewage, warping it's stinger into some bloated, fleshy blob. It's also caused the limp appendage and the acute size difference of it's legs/pincers.

The spikey hybrid dream is a porcupine/human hybrid dreaming of a more aristocratic lifestyle (at least compared to his vagabond life he leads now).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Spiky Hybrid Dreams" - Eve

In “Dreams,” I wanted to juxtapose the monstrous with the beautiful. I knew I wanted some kind of steam punk snail. This project took a long time to finish (several months late) because I wanted it in color and I wanted to integrate digital and traditional media, but I had no experience in digital painting whatsoever. After learning the main concepts from Rick, I learned that it just takes practice. Lots of it. Enjoy.

BTW, our due date for “Toxic Flying Insect” is this Friday 8/8. And starting this Friday we are resurrecting our site, hopefully we’ll get in one piece a week for August, before school starts again in September. Thanks for reading.